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The Cloister in Sea Island, GA

RUF Team, Here are a few trusted options that have done several of our Westfall events in the past. They know our model and provide an engaging and memorable experience. Looking forward to hearing back, Ronnie Frizzell

Tripp Crosby

Tripp Crosby Comedic Host and Inspirational Speaker Emcee 1B It’s very, very possible that you’ve seen his most popular comedy sketch called “A Conference Call in Real Life”. This video is one of, if not the most popular workplace related comedy sketches of all time and possibly the only YouTube video to ever go viral twice: Once …

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Maneet Chauhan

Maneet Chauhan American chef, restaurateur, and television personality Chef 2B Best known as one of the panel of judges on the award-winning Food Network program, Chopped, Maneet Chauhan’s energy and creativity, combined with polished culinary skills and the courage to follow her passion, have proven to be the right ingredients for success. Recently name to …

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Simon Majumdar

Simon Majumdar Television personality, food, and travel author Chef 1B Simon Majumdar is a world renowned broadcaster, author and cook who has dedicated the second half of his time on this planet to fulfill his ambition to “Go Everywhere. Eat Everything.” It is a journey that has taken him to all fifty states and to …

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Dave Stone

Dave Stone Senior Pastor, author, and speaker Faith 1B Since 2006, Dave Stone has been the Senior Pastor of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky where he preaches the Truth to 25,000 weekend worshippers across six regional campuses. He’s authored eight books. When Dave speaks he has the unique ability to touch both your heart …

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Mark Matlock

Mark Matlock Founder of WisdomWorks Ministries and speaker Emcee 1B Mark Matlock has been working with youth pastors, students, and parents for more than two decades. He works as the President of Youth Specialties (YS), providing leadership for programs and training events, and also oversees the student ministries at YS, including the PlanetWisdom student conferences. …

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