Mark Matlock

Founder of WisdomWorks Ministries and speaker



Mark Matlock has been working with youth pastors, students, and parents for more than two decades. He works as the President of Youth Specialties (YS), providing leadership for programs and training events, and also oversees the student ministries at YS, including the PlanetWisdom student conferences. Mark began ministry after studying at Biola University. His skills as a speaker and his passion for sharing God’s word led him to an opportunity where he toured with Dawson McAllister’s Shepherd Ministries for four years, until he began Wisdom Works, a non-profit organization that helps teenagers develop biblical wisdom in their lives. Through Wisdom Works and Youth Specialties, Mark speaks to hundreds of thousands of students, parents, and youth workers around the world each year. He has written several books for teens, including the Wisdom On… series, Living a Life That Matters, and Don’t Buy the Lie. Most recently, Mark has authored three books for parents: Real World Parents, Raising Wise Children, and Ideas for Parents.<br>His book, Real World Parents, led him to create a series of seminars by the same name. His parenting books and seminars focus on the idea of ministering to kids holistically and asking parents to consider some important questions: How do my kids think about money? How do they interact with people? How do they use their words? And the most important question for parents: How do we serve this generation and empower them to be what God’s called them to be at this point in history?<br>Mark lives in Texas with his wife and their two teenage children. When he’s not traveling, he volunteers in his church’s youth ministry and amazes family and friends with his culinary skills.