Stephen Mansfield

Best selling author and renowned speaker



Stephen Lee Mansfield is an American author who writes about men’s issues, leadership, history and modern culture. His books have appeared on the New York Times best-seller list. He is also a popular speaker who heads a leadership coaching firm based in Washington D.C..

In 2002, Stephen decided to give himself fully to writing, speaking and training leaders. Not long after, he wrote The Faith of George W. Bush, which landed on the New York Times bestseller list twice and won numerous national awards. The book was a source for Oliver Stone’s acclaimed film, W, which chronicled Bush’s rise to the presidency. His book, Killing Jesus, is such a gritty, powerfully written retelling of the death of Jesus Christ that Publisher’s Weekly called it “masterful”.

In recent years Stephen’s popularity as a speaker has nearly eclipsed his reputation as an author. He speaks widely about leadership, the lessons of history, and the forces that shape modern culture. His speeches are rich in history and infused with an endearing brand of humor. He has spoken at schools like Harvard and the United States Military Academy, for many of America’s leading corporations, and at gatherings of executive leaders around the world. Out of Mansfield’s own leadership experience, his research and his many years of advising leaders have come his current commitment to coaching senior executives. He has worked with political leaders, educators, corporate executives, authors and media personalities to draw out their leadership gifts, extend their communication skills and increase their impact upon the world.