George Williamson

Worship Leader and Director of Worship Ministries at Point Loma University



Born in Glasgow, Scotland, George moved to the U.S. to play soccer for one year, choosing to major in piano performance at University. Having a life-changing encounter with Jesus while at University, God redirected George’s steps and now 17 years into a career in music and arts ministry, George is a sought out Worship Leader known for his sensitivity in preparation and leading, having a unique ability to know how to lead in a wide variety of venues. With an educational and work background in composing, George’s gift of music and arranging lend themselves beautifully to inspire worship in the hearts of those who gather. “I began in Milm scoring being sure that was my direction. But the Lord began to birth a new passion within me to lead people in corporate worship. I’ve been humbled and grateful to see how God has chosen to use all that had been invested in me in my education and experience. It certainly wasn’t my plan, though I’m incredibly glad for the way God has led.” George’s ability to weave scripture, song, and prayer together, are so beautifully used by God to move the worshipper into an awareness of God’s presence. Familiar songs of praise, trust, and consecration are pulled from across the years from the latest Tomlin and Redman songs to those that have been sung for centuries.

George currently serves as the Director of Worship Arts at PLNU, San Diego, leading worship for the campus community and mentoring young worship leaders. He is a familiar voice at conferences and retreats in the U.S. and U.K., leading in worship and speaking to those serving in music-ministry in their local churches. George also continues to serve in worship leadership in his local church, a place that he, his wife, Tanya, and three young children call “family.”