Husband and wife writing and singing duo



In 2011, Elenowen made their national television debut on the premiere season of NBC’s The Voice. Elenowen followed up this success with a 5-song self-titled EP in 2012. The couple teamed up with acclaimed songwriter Trent Dabbs and co-producer Philip Larue to help pen tracks for the EP. The single “Honey Come Home” also reached #1 on the iTunes Singer-songwriter charts. Songs from Pulling Back The Veil were featured on popular TV programs One Tree Hill, MTV;s “World of Jenks”, Army Wives, and CW’s Reign. “Run” (a single written with LaRue) was used in One Tree Hill season 9. Another single, “No Such Thing as Time”, was featured in Pretty Little Liars season 3 and One Tree Hill season 9. “Bittersweet” (from the 2012 EP) was included on the first season of NBC’s Reign. Elenowen released their third studio album “For the Taking” on January 20, 2015. “For the Taking” was the duo’s first release with Ready. Set. Records! and was co-produced by Jeremy Bose and Trent Dabbs. At the end of 2017, nearly three years since their last release, Nashville’s folk/rock duo Elenowen went back in the studio to record a new batch of songs with an evolved sound. Pulling inspiration from Ryan Adams, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, The Cure, and Fleetwood Mac, the duo set out to make music that fell in line with what encouraged them to form in the first place. With defining harmonies still present, the new music has taken on more of a raw alternative feel, where mostly every piece was recorded live to capture the energy & chemistry of the musicians in the room. With unforgettable hooks & melodies, 80s & 90s guitar tones, tight harmonies, & dynamic builds, Elenowen has settled in to a sound that is raw, accessible, & yet all their own.