David Crowder

Lead Singer of David Crowder Band and songwriter



In his days at Baylor University, David Crowder recognized the disconnect between the church and the disenchanted, twenty-something generation, and sought to bridge the gap. And so, he helped found University Baptist Church with few friends in 1996, a community that thrives and grows today.<br>The music of the David Crowder Band brought to light the needs of a “whole new group” of worshipers, a group vastly bigger than the UBC community.Everyone seemed to be latching on to this worship band, especially SixSteps records, who signed a record deal with them in 2002.<br>The group is known for their rock/pop/inspiration/worship music that spans a whole range of spiritual emotions. It ministers to Christians while at the same time reaches and connects with non-Christians. Their first record, Can You Hear Us? was released in 2002. Since then, three more “David Crowder” albums have been released: Illuminate (2003), The Lime CD (2004), Sunsets, and Sushi (2005).

The David Crowder Band has found tremendous success over the last few years. In the Spring of 2004, they launched their first headlining tour. The summer of that same year, they had the opportunity to tour with Michael W. Smith and MercyMe. 2005 has brought them two Dove Award nominations: Modern Rock Recorded Song of the Year for “Revolutionary Love”, and Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year for The Lime CD.